Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Expansion to Los Angeles

Singh Autosport is proud to announce that we now offer a full time mobile tuning service in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With an increase in demand, and the expansion of our business, we now offer a mobile tuning service; until we decide upon a location for a shop.

In addition, we are also considering building a state of the art dyno facility in Los Angeles, it all depends on if we can make it work with our workload. We have seen too many dyno setups which are just a total embarrassment to the tuning industry.

We'll keep you posted.

Singh Autosport
43238 Christy Street
Fremont, CA 94538.
Tel: (877) 813 9700

Bentley Continental Supersports

Singh Autosport once again is the first company to programme the new Bentley Continental Supersports. Even though the car is faster than a Continental GT from the factory, it actually has less power than a regular GT in the lower gears.

Forum Politics?

Forum administrators allow the promotion of products that don’t necessarily work purely because the company providing the product is a sponsor. Forum subscribers are like sheep that follow the flock; they take these forums as gospel. They assume that the administrators and other members have their best interests at heart but in reality it’s all a numbers game. The administrators cater to their sponsors and the subscribers are kept in line by deletion of new and innovative companies and products if they are not directly sponsoring the forum. The reason why companies such as ours do not support forums is its not an open board for discussion as it is promoted to be. It’s only an open discussion for those who put money in the forum administrator’s pocket. This is a purely political domain - if you play the game then you get the recognition. We believe as a company that there is a lot of false advertising in this industry that gives this industry a bad name. Forums will help sell their contributors products with full knowledge that they do not work. These people have only their wallets on their minds not their subscriber’s vehicle’s performance.

Sometimes it surprises me how these ‘tuners’ have time to even be involved in a forum discussion? Don’t they have work to do? We barely get time to respond to emails let alone discuss the weight of the lug nuts on a BMW.