Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Jaguar Owners

2010 Jaguar owners will be pleased know about the upgrades available for the new 5.0

Example: We can make a regular XJ/XJL Supercharged perform better than a XJ/XJL Supersport just by programming the ECU.

Stock XJ/XJL Supercharged: 470hp 424lbs tq 0-60 4.9 seconds
Stock XJ/XJL Supersport: 510hp 461lbs tq 0-60 4.7 seconds

With just a ECU tune we can take the 470hp 424lbs tq Supercharged engine to: 530hp 481lbs tq (Add another 25hp and 28lbs tq if you replace the supercharge pulley).

The 510hp 461lbs tq engine to 555hp 505lbs tq with the ECU/Pulley kit.

When we program the ECU, we can also remove the speed limiter/hesitation/flat spots, raise the rpm, etc.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you change a pulley on supercharged engine to gain more boost, you have to program the ECU otherwise the timing will be off !!!

BMW M5 with a 'true' manual gearbox?

Singh Autosport was the first company in North America to program the E60 BMW M5. I've lost count on how many M5/M6's we've completed and yet I've never seen one with a 'true' manual gearbox so I thought I'd post the pictures.

Dyno results the E60 M5