Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another visit to Mexico

We paid another visit to Mexico last week, without a doubt the exotic car market is growing in Mexico. We have a huge clientele in Mexico and Singh Autosport is a very well respected company amoungst some of the very important figures there. Its not strange to hear of someone with a Bugatti Veyron, Enzo FXX, Rolls Royce Phantom, LP640, SLR722, etc, etc.

As the market continues to grow there, Singh Autosport will be paying regular visits. Mexico has had a lot of negative publicity lately but us as a company know we don't have anything to worry about when we visit there.

The contact in Mexico is RR Motorworks.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ferrari 575 Pininfarina

Here at Singh Autosport it's hard for us to post pictures of every car we work on so we try to post some cars that we don't come across everyday. The Ferrari 575 Pininfarina. It's a great car and like all exotic's there is plenty of room for improvement. You probably hear some exotic car owners saying their car is tuned for maximum performance from the factory and those of us who know better just stay quiet because there's certain topics that should be avoided like politic's, religion, music, de-tuning of a vehicle, etc, etc.

When a car owner gets his car programmed its like seperating the men from the boys, those who 'drive' their car and those who just want to be seen in it.

This car was programmed for EMC Collision of Fremont, CA.