Monday, November 24, 2008

Singh Autosport pay a visit to Mexico

Last Sunday we were asked to go to Mexico to programme a 2002 Porsche GT2 and a 2008 Lamborghini Superleggera. The main reason for the visit was because another company attempted to programme the ECU on the GT2 and the customer wasn't impressed with the results whatsoever. I got there on Sunday night and worked all night... this also included the test drives. We got great results on both cars and because of who the owner was, we were allowed to speed through the city at night without worrying about the police.

Last Wednesday all the tuners got together at a race track in Mexico, the only car to really compete with the GT2 was a 750hp Porsche driven by a professional race driver which was put together by a tuner in Arizona. The GT2 we programmed only lost by a car length, the only modification we done was the ECU upgrade and we didn't even charge or claim anything near the 750hp.

Ruben of RR Motorworks (middle) Jags Gill of Singh Autosport (right)

The customer also had other cars in his collection including a Porsche GT3 RS and Lamborghini Murcielago.

Contact in Mexico is RR Motorworks.

Mercedes SL63 2009

A vehicle manufacturer will often change ECU types or the way ECU's are installed. I have never come across this (maybe because we do a lot of business through mail order) but the ECU on this car was secured by a security screw and for the average car owner this could be a pain to remove. When we originally tested the 63 AMG engine we got 33hp and about 30lbs tq, you can check the dyno sheet for the C63 AMG on the previous blog.

Mercedes C63 AMG 80hp and 66lbs tq increase!

You'll always hear me talking highly of this car, its a BEAST!! I have attached a copy of the dyno sheet for this car. You can see the gains are amazing.

Stock: 427.5PS (421.6HP) 543NM (400lb tq)
Tuned: 513.2PS (506.1HP) 632NM (466lb tq)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Audi RS4

We've been programming these cars since 2006, when we originally tested the car back then we got around 26hp. When we programme these cars we can raise the RPM but not by much, 150 is the max... anymore will damage the engine. We also remove the speed limiter, turn the volume up on the exhaust in 2nd/3rd gear, advance the timing in the mid range/top end, etc. I went back home a couple of months ago to London and we decided to play around with the RS4 again, a friend of mine mentioned a modification that can be done to the air box but we never had a chance to test it until now and it worked... you can gain an additional 20Nm by performing this mod to the box.

Alot of owners complain about the shifting on these cars, this problem is fixed once the car has been programmed.

This car also has a Milltek exhaust and K&N air filter.

BMW M5/M6 European Launch Control

As of yesterday morning we finally finished the software for the BMW M5/M6 European Launch Control. For the owners who don't know what this feature is, let me explain. All the BMW M5/M6's released in Europe give you the option of taking off at 4000rpm, all the models that came to North America can only take off at 1500rpm. We will make a video soon showing you how this works. For all the M-enthusiasts you know how important this feature is! It makes the car more fun to drive.

We will work out a package price for the ECU/TCU, It will not be sold individually. All our existing customers are more than welcome to bring their cars in for a special price.

Again we are the only company to offer this software!