Saturday, December 11, 2010

BMW X6M Hamann Motorsport Edition

We programmed this X6M for Sonic MS in Mountain View, CA. Great looking car with excellent results.

We were the first company to program the BMW X6M in North America.

BMW 35 Diesel Tuning

For the 2010 BMW 35 Diesels, the gain is 40hp 82lbs tq. The engine control units are password encrypted but as you guys know, thats not a problem.

Price is $995.

BMW 335i 2010 - Mono Turbo N55

As mentioned before the 2010 BMW 335i N55 can be programmed, the only way we can program at the moment is by bench flashing. The password encryption isn't a problem.

The gain is 360hp 369lbs tq. We can also raise the rpm, remove the speed limiter/hesitation/flat spots, etc.

Porsche 993 Twin Turbo

Porsche owners the Porsche 993 Twin Turbo can be programmed, the gain is 65hp 70lbs tq.

Monday, November 15, 2010

SEMA 2010 (and summer)

I just want to start by apologizing to our customers. When summer comes round and just before SEMA we get extremely busy, we will get through all the emails and the cars waiting.

A week before SEMA we were at WTW Corp Santa Fe Springs and time was against us to finish these cars, I'll make time soon and will blog about it.

Goshan from ESP Tuning helping out.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 BMW 740i Turbo

We are now able to tune the new BMW 540i and 740i Turbo. The gain is 60hp 82 lbs tq.

Mercedes C230K Dyno Results

Stock hp: 181.28
Tuned hp: 200.32 (Gain: 19.04hp)

Stock tq: 171.85 lbs
Tuned tq: 190.29 lbs (Gain: 18.44 lbs tq)

These results are from the ECU only, if you add a pulley you'll see an addiotional 20-25hp.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Jaguar Owners

2010 Jaguar owners will be pleased know about the upgrades available for the new 5.0

Example: We can make a regular XJ/XJL Supercharged perform better than a XJ/XJL Supersport just by programming the ECU.

Stock XJ/XJL Supercharged: 470hp 424lbs tq 0-60 4.9 seconds
Stock XJ/XJL Supersport: 510hp 461lbs tq 0-60 4.7 seconds

With just a ECU tune we can take the 470hp 424lbs tq Supercharged engine to: 530hp 481lbs tq (Add another 25hp and 28lbs tq if you replace the supercharge pulley).

The 510hp 461lbs tq engine to 555hp 505lbs tq with the ECU/Pulley kit.

When we program the ECU, we can also remove the speed limiter/hesitation/flat spots, raise the rpm, etc.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you change a pulley on supercharged engine to gain more boost, you have to program the ECU otherwise the timing will be off !!!

BMW M5 with a 'true' manual gearbox?

Singh Autosport was the first company in North America to program the E60 BMW M5. I've lost count on how many M5/M6's we've completed and yet I've never seen one with a 'true' manual gearbox so I thought I'd post the pictures.

Dyno results the E60 M5

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Jaguar / Range Rover ECU Tune

The ECU tune for the 2010 Jaguar/Range Rover is now available (non supercharged and supercharged). We also have the pulley upgrade too.

Range Rover customers can also contact Mark Braham @ Overfinch USA

These cars (Jaguar/Range Rover) can only programmed via the OBD2 port.

Again we are the first company to offer this upgrade in North America.

This 2010 Range Rover 5.0 Sport was done for Overfinch NA.

When we program the ECU, we can also remove the speed limiter/hesitation/flat spots, raise the rpm, etc.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you change a pulley on supercharged engine to gain more boost, you have to program the ECU otherwise the timing will be off !!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lamborghini Reventon

Singh Autosport has always been known to tune the worlds finest cars. We have now programmed 3 Lamborghini Reventon's, that's probably more than any other tuner in the world.

MFest 2010

We were a sponsor this year at MFest. Singh Autosport doesn't normally attend car shows or meets but after talking to Chris of MFest we decided to be a sponsor this year.

In this picture I was being interviewed about Singh Autosport and the tuning industry.

Friday, May 28, 2010

BMW Tuning Protection

I forgot to mention earlier this year that we're able to programme the BMW ecu's with tuning protection, this includes all MSD8x too.

The speed limiter has yet to be figured out on some of these new updates.

Mercedes McLaren SLS

We programmed the McLaren SLS yesterday, from what we know its the first SLS to be programmed.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New dealer in Norcross, Georgia.

Customers in Georgia can now contact The Shop for all their tuning needs.

The Shop
727 West Peachtree Street
Norcross, Georgia 30071.

Tel:(678) 352-4900

They can programme cars like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover, Porsche, VW, etc.

Dodge Caliber SRT4 19psi tuning.

The 19psi flash is now available for the Dodge Caliber SRT4. The rpm can be raised to 6650rpm but you will require all the necessary hardware.

You can contact John at PT Performance with any questions you might have or to purchase all the hardware required.

John Bushbaum
(253) 277 3843
Covington, WA.

BMW 335i Mono-turbo

We now have the ecu upgrade for the new BMW 335i mono-turbo and once again before any other tuner in North America.

The gain for this car is 360hp 369lbs tq.

3S Autosport in Toronto

3S Autosport of Vancouver will be in Toronto from 4th to 18th May. If you have any questions or wish to set up appointments, you can contact George on: 7789 683668.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dirty Side To Tuning

I'm writing this after having a funny experience earlier this week (Monday).

A couple of weeks ago me and a business associate went to see a renown BMW tuner in Morgan Hill after being told by my customers that inter coolers and other accessories we're now available for the X6 50i.

When we got to their facility we asked the gentleman behind the front desk what was available for the X6 50i and his reply was, nothing at the moment but they we're working on some stuff. For those of you who have been to this company you will know there's a glass window which separates the front desk area and the workshop.

During the conversation I noticed a metallic black X6 50i which had stock gun metal coloured wheels and Texas plates, while looking at this car the gentleman from behind the desk said that this car had been brought to their facility from Texas.

The VP and the sales manager of this company came out from a separate office while I was talking to the gentleman behind the desk and said "Singh Autosport" and I replied "yes". I then introduced myself and Goshan from ESP. We talked about ECU tuning and they said they still didn't have anything for the X6 50i or X5M/X6M.

We started talking about horse power gains and I told them I stand behind my product, I also mentioned we get 32hp from a E60 M5 while everyone else gets 5-10hp. The M5 and M6 have been tested time and time again.

We've had a lot of their customers come to us in the past, they've always complained that this company has very little knowledge of whats new with regards to ECU tuning.

After showing us a new intake for the 135i BMW which is due to be released soon and another conversation about how they weren't able to programme the new 135i/335i/535i BMW's, we left. Before I left I said if they needed help with tuning we could tune the cars for them, this is something we never do but I said it as a kind gesture.

2 weeks later I got a call on Monday morning (03.15.10) around 10am from a gentleman who said he had a X6 50i and he wanted to get it programmed. The call was from a 408 number. I told him I was actually in town and said to come to the Fremont office.

We were working on a 2010 Audi S4 in the back of the shop and this Indian guy walked in. He introduced himself and said he called regarding the X6 50i. We went out for a test drive in my X6 50i and then returned to the back of my shop, his car was parked at the front.

I asked if we could see his car and he agreed, when I looked at his car I noticed it was the X6 50i which I saw at the workshop in Morgan Hill... exact car with the Texas plates. I then got suspicious because a lot of tuners who have no knowledge of tuning always try to steal other tuners files so I asked the gentleman if that car was at the facility in Morgan Hill... he ignored the question so I said "this car is from that tuner in Morgan Hill" and he said yes it was. He then told me the car had been there for 4 months and the tuner in Morgan Hill wasn't able to tune it.

The fact that he lied to me I started to talk crap about the company in Morgan Hill and he got really defensive. We went on a short test drive and when we returned we went to the back of my shop. I asked him if I could test drive his car and he agreed. Once I jumped in the drivers seat I noticed a picture of a young white girl next to a pair of brown shades, she looked between 3-5 years old (I don't have any kids so I wouldn't know her exact age). As my suspicion grew more and more I asked this Indian guy if he was married and he replied no, I then asked if he had kids and he had realized I've seen the picture of the young white girl to which he replied "you know how it is" and I replied "no I don't know, tell me". He continued with his lies and at this point my mind switched off.

When we pulled to the back of my shop I asked if he was from that company in Morgan Hill and he didn't reply... , I then asked if I could look around his car and he got defensive again and said "NO" to which I told him to leave and go back to where he just came from.

We found this funny to see how a company which most people recognize in North America with BMW tuning could behave this way.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 McLaren SLR

We programmed this 2010 McLaren SLR the otherday. The customer didn't want to change the crankshaft pulley so we just programmed the ECU and TCU.

Exhaust Recommendations

We get asked all the time about exhausts/headers, etc. so I'm going to give you my thoughts and recommendations.

Audi/VW = Milltek

BMW = Supersprint

Exotics = Capristo or Quicksilver

Here is a picture of the Supersprint headers for the BMW M5. You can see the excellent build quality and these give you real power gains, that's why they're used and recommended by the best BMW tuners in the world.

With Supersprint headers, you'll never get a check engine light. Even though the 02 sensors can be disabled, it's not recommended. Every sensor in a car has a purpose.

Elite Speed Performance aka ESP Tuning

Customer's in Northern California can contact ESP Tuning with regards to their tuning needs. ESP have the capability of tuning all the cars on our price list.

43238 Christy St
Fremont CA 94538
Phone: 510.926.3475
website coming soon:

You can contact Goshan at ESP Tuning.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

VW CC 2010 Tuning

We tuned this VW CC 2010 a while ago, from what we know it was the first VW CC 2010 to be tuned in North America.

Wheels were supplied by DP Engineering. The car will be featured in the April 2010 issue of Euro Tuner.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live Tuning?

I’ve always found this a hilarious subject. You’ll find a lot of tuners who offer ‘Live Tuning’ (they’ll offer to tune your car on a dyno).

I just want to explain something without getting too technical. If you’ve had or are considering getting your car tuned on a dyno, make sure the person tuning the car also has your vehicles factory diagnostic computer.

I’ve come across too many ‘Muppets’ in my time who will ‘rant and rave’ about their knowledge, or how they know how tune a car a dyno. Ok, first of all I just want to clarify that every car has to be tested on a dyno before a tuned file can created.

So many dyno's out here are incorrect so, if your dyno isn’t measuring correctly and your tuner has tuned your car on that dyno knowing very well that the dyno is incorrect then guess what?? Your car isn’t tuned properly. What starts off on the wrong foot, you know where I’m going with this. The correct way to create a file is to use a dyno which measures correctly. If your not happy with the results, delete the adaptation values using the factory diagnostic computer (BMW = GT1, Mercedes = Mercedes Star Diagnosis, Ferrari SD2/3, etc) and start again. For example we were like with many cars in North America the first company to programme the BMW M5 E60. After programming the car we then connected the GT1 to see how long it would take for the car to go through its adaptation period, the result was 105.4 miles. What this means is once your M5 has been programmed it will take that many miles for the file to fully adapt, even though you’ll feel the gain right away (the car will get faster and faster as it goes through this stage).

Some tuners will swear that the car adapts right away, we all know that’s nonsense. When we create a file for a car, yes we do use a dyno but we also road test it too. Different climate and weather conditions are important factors to consider, you don’t want a car that shows high numbers on the dyno but yet drives very poorly on the road.

Common sense would tell us that we should feel and see the power gains as oppose to framing your dyno sheet and having you’re a*& handed to you at the races or traffic lights.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A flashback... to 1993

While packing for the move to Los Angeles I found some old car magazines. We use to do a lot of engine work back then and we once installed a BMW M5 engine into a 7 series back in 1993. We used the original wiring loom, ECU, instrument cluster, etc., from the M5. We called it the M7 and had coverage from all the major magazines, I got that car up to 172mph and it still kept going. Some of you guys might find it funny but 18" wheels were the 'in thing' back then.

I'll also try to find some pictures or articles of us working with Cosworth engines in 1990. Even though the company was only registered 6 years ago in North America, the owners of Singh Autosport have been around since the days of Turbo Systems, Turbo Technics, Dewitts Race & Rally, BBR and not forgetting Connaught Design.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Piggyback Systems/Handheld Programmers/Flux Capacitors

Singh Autosport receives a lot of inquiries regarding piggyback systems/handheld devices; so I will gladly address that topic.

First of all, I would like to state that any self-respecting European car owner would never use a piggyback/handheld programming device.

To use such a contraption is the equivalent to taking a “stab in the dark”. More often than not, they can be found and purchased on eBay, an online car forum or your local flea market. These piggyback units only trick the sensors in the car. Companies that manufacture such devices have very limited or next to no knowledge of what tuning really entails. Owners of such units will scream and shout that they can take their car to a dealership, and by removing the device; no one will know it was ever installed; wrong! Normal telltale signs are blown engines, injectors and turbo’s. Companies like BMW are now fully aware, and are able to check the vehicles shadow memory.

The suppliers of such boxes blame the manufacture’s components. A typical response is: “BMW parts are poorly made, blah blah blah”. No, perhaps it’s the contraption that you installed. Why do the manufactures of these units include OBD2 readers so you can delete engine codes? Owners of such contraptions will argue that if BMW updated the vehicle, the tuned file would be overwritten. Having updated software in your BMW isn’t a bad thing, and if the tuner can make the car run better after the update --then why not?

When tuning a car the “proper” way, you can raise the RPM, remove the speed limiter/hesitation/flat spots, adjust shifting, switch off the 02 sensors and much more. Someone who can tune the car correctly can offer these options to a customer.

Do you ever stop and wonder why the best tuners in world don’t offer these units? In fact, why don’t dealerships sell such units? If gaining power from a car was as easy as plugging in a little device, then life would be much easier… or maybe… just maybe some of the best engineers in the world know more than the boys at the car meets or forums.

Some boxes have something like 100 different files inside (relax I’m exaggerating); in this industry we refer to that as guess work, and as I mentioned earlier, “a stab in the dark”.

Tuning the car via OBD2 or bench flashing the ECU is the safest way. How safe is it? We do it for most dealerships. Singh Autosport works very closely with a lot of dealerships, ranging from Aston Martin, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. Having been in this industry for nearly twenty years, I think we can say we know what we're talking about.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Expansion to Los Angeles

Singh Autosport is proud to announce that we now offer a full time mobile tuning service in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With an increase in demand, and the expansion of our business, we now offer a mobile tuning service; until we decide upon a location for a shop.

In addition, we are also considering building a state of the art dyno facility in Los Angeles, it all depends on if we can make it work with our workload. We have seen too many dyno setups which are just a total embarrassment to the tuning industry.

We'll keep you posted.

Singh Autosport
43238 Christy Street
Fremont, CA 94538.
Tel: (877) 813 9700

Bentley Continental Supersports

Singh Autosport once again is the first company to programme the new Bentley Continental Supersports. Even though the car is faster than a Continental GT from the factory, it actually has less power than a regular GT in the lower gears.

Forum Politics?

Forum administrators allow the promotion of products that don’t necessarily work purely because the company providing the product is a sponsor. Forum subscribers are like sheep that follow the flock; they take these forums as gospel. They assume that the administrators and other members have their best interests at heart but in reality it’s all a numbers game. The administrators cater to their sponsors and the subscribers are kept in line by deletion of new and innovative companies and products if they are not directly sponsoring the forum. The reason why companies such as ours do not support forums is its not an open board for discussion as it is promoted to be. It’s only an open discussion for those who put money in the forum administrator’s pocket. This is a purely political domain - if you play the game then you get the recognition. We believe as a company that there is a lot of false advertising in this industry that gives this industry a bad name. Forums will help sell their contributors products with full knowledge that they do not work. These people have only their wallets on their minds not their subscriber’s vehicle’s performance.

Sometimes it surprises me how these ‘tuners’ have time to even be involved in a forum discussion? Don’t they have work to do? We barely get time to respond to emails let alone discuss the weight of the lug nuts on a BMW.