Thursday, July 30, 2009

BMW X6 50i Performance Software

Just to let our customers know we can now tune the BMW X6 50i. The ECU can be bench flashed or we can programme the car via OBD2 (on board diagnostic port).

We got 80hp and took the car to 516 lbs tq. Once again we were the first company in NA to complete this car.

I'll attach the dyno sheet soon.

Very quick car!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip to Mexico July 2009

We just got back from Mexico last Friday and I thought I'd post picture's of some of the car's we worked on.

Ferrari F599 GTB, Ferrari F430, BMW M6, Mercedes CL65 AMG, Porsche Cayman, etc.

Singh Autosport dominate the tuning industry in Mexico with our partners out there RR Motorworks.

Monday, July 13, 2009

BMW M3/M5/M6 can now be programmed via OBD2

The BMW M3/M5/M6 can now be programmed via OBD2. We first started programming the M5's back in 2005 and the only way it could be done was by removing the ECU and bench flashing the processors.

Now that we can programme them via OBD2 it only takes a couple of minutes for the download/upload.

Having spoken to the driver of this car he said there is huge difference in the power and shifting on this car, theres no more delay when changing gears.

This car was programmed for Sonic MS of Mountain View.

For the owners who track their cars we can also disable the O2 sensors if you have a cat-less exhaust system.