Friday, February 5, 2010

A flashback... to 1993

While packing for the move to Los Angeles I found some old car magazines. We use to do a lot of engine work back then and we once installed a BMW M5 engine into a 7 series back in 1993. We used the original wiring loom, ECU, instrument cluster, etc., from the M5. We called it the M7 and had coverage from all the major magazines, I got that car up to 172mph and it still kept going. Some of you guys might find it funny but 18" wheels were the 'in thing' back then.

I'll also try to find some pictures or articles of us working with Cosworth engines in 1990. Even though the company was only registered 6 years ago in North America, the owners of Singh Autosport have been around since the days of Turbo Systems, Turbo Technics, Dewitts Race & Rally, BBR and not forgetting Connaught Design.

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